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  1. Adult Ski School experiences at Breckenridge →

    If you want to read about how unsatisfying it is to flip your husband off in mittens when he takes you on a harder run than you wanted to do, this post about my day in ski school over at Breck is for you.

    If you want to read about how I learned to combat my “back seat” tendencies, this post about my day in ski school is for you.

    If you want to read about spreading peanut butter on bread as a metaphor for good turning technique, this post about my day in ski school is for you.

    If you don’t want to read about any of those things, this post about my day in ski school is still for you because pretty much none of that is directly referenced in the article and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it anyway.

  2. Using “Drones” to Film Ski Racing

    Here’s an excellent video of the guys over at CloudGate Ariel Cinematography showcasing their innovative approach to filming ski races: flying drones with video cameras attached. The result: a seamless, single shot overhead, alongside, and even in front of racers as they travel down the hill.

    Check out the footage as they film a practice day for the Steamboat Winter Sports Club Snowboard Race Team at Copper Mountain.

    (Thanks for sending this along, Dad.)

  3. I love that the EpixMix iPhone app was just updated… Weeks before season end… And not to support the 6-month old iPhone 5.

  4. Ski resort trails and lifts added to Google Maps

    Great news! It was only just a few years ago when Google first started equipping snowmobiles with their “Street View” cameras and mapping various resorts. Now a new mountain-based effort has launched and ski resort maps are now on Google Maps. Just pull up the Google Maps app on your smartphone and you’ll see all…

  5. Pro Accounts →

    I’m very excited to get to poke around at the new “Pro” features at Check out what the guys over at have launched (the site is still free) for paid accounts, starting at “Pro”:

    • 10 day forecasts
    • forecast trends
    • webcam comparison for locations
    • quick answer Q&A with forecasters
    • 10 “favorites” on the site

    Plus you get the warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting a small (local) business. So, sign up now?