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Keystone (2012-01-07)

We took a bit of a break and hadn’t been up for nearly a month due to work, holidays, sickness and.. well, the fact there has been absolutely no new snow along the I-70 corridor (Vail, Beaver Creek, Summit County).

We decided to make a weekend out of it and headed up to Keystone on Saturday. It was as you’d expect: some new man-made snow on the front with plenty of bare spots and grass (yes grass!) poking through in the back.

Sadly, the crowds are great for getting a table at any of the restaurants. We never had to wait or wander to find 4 or 5 open seats together.

As the big storm rolled by in the afternoon (around 2 it started coming down) most people had cleared out but there was already 1-2 inches of fresh snow on top of everything. This made for an enjoyable afternoon but meant hell for the commute to and from the mountains.

Luckily we stayed in the high country for the night but the new snow meant the 1-2 hour drive into Denver took 4-5 hours for most. I’m torn between having good commutes and no snow versus lots of new snow and not having to sit in the car for two feature length movies. Not really, I want the snow, but sheesh!

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Dillon, Colorado, United States

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