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Breckenridge (2012-01-08)

After the storm rolled through on Saturday and overnight, all the resorts around I-70 had a good 5-9 inches reported. The keyword is reported because in I had a hard time finding the 5 inches we were hoping for for at Breckenridge (and we were on Peak 10 by 9:15 PM, it didn’t all melt away).

That said, the issue is mainly this: powder on top of nothing means less powder. If there was a solid, consistent base of snow then we all would have had awesome powder days. Instead, the new snow is filling in the gaps and, in some places, sitting on top of dirt, rocks, and trees. Plus, the front side (where there is a nice foundation) gets groomed overnight so there’s only a handful of runs with truly fresh snow to bounce around on,

All that aside, it was a beautiful bluebird day with snow dusted trees; picturesque really. We had a great day skiing Peak 10, hitting patches of untouched snow through ought and practicing on soft moguls. Since it was a Sunday, Peak 8 and 9 were largely quiet after lunch and the lines at the bottom had already died down to just a handful of people. You can’t argue with that on a weekend but, just like being able to grab a table a lunch, it’s a sign that a lot of people are skipping out on the slopes lately.

We stuck around town at the end of the day and visited the long-time favorite Breckenridge Brewery for some dinner and Broncos. Since we left around 6 we were down to Denver in an hour or so. As GoI70 always says: leave after 6, home by 8.

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Breckenridge, Colorado, United States

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