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Get free stickers from favorite brands at StyxRyvr.com →

Now here’s an idea I wish was around when I was a kid: free stickers from a single, one-shop website. Check out Denver-based StyxRyvr (pronounced “Sticks River”) where you can sign up, see a menu of stickers from all kinds of brands, pick 9 you want, then get them in the mail a short time after.

This is pretty handy because typically you’d need to reach out to the brands directly, buy something from them, or pick up a hodgepodge of stickers from your local shop. Instead you log in and see everything you could want. I spotted some faves including Nordica, Volkl, Liberty, Swix, Flow, and Echelon.

Technically, the stickers are free but it’ll cost $3.99 to cover shipping and handling for your 9 sticker “stash”. The site isn’t the prettiest thing but it works and gets the job done. Kudos to the gang over at StyxRyvr.