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  1. EpicMix Academy to showcase ski school achievements

    New this season, EpicMix Academy will be the fourth generation of the application from Vail Resorts. With EpicMix Academy, the ski school instructors will be able to certify that students achieved and attained certain skills and levels in their classes. Children and adults in both group and private ski lessons will be able to earn…

  2. Colorado boldly adopts an upside-down yield sign as new “brand” logo

    Well done. After a year or ideating and brainstorming and concepts, the brightest design minds in Colorado have created a green triangle. Learn more about this stroke of genius at

    But seriously, it’s a clear and clean logo and I think it works OK. But, it’s way too generic.

    Rest assured, Colorado Snow will proudly stick to the ever-recognizable (and meaningful) colors presented on our state flag:

    • White symbolizes the snow
    • Gold acknowledges the abundant sunshine
    • Red represents the red soil and rocks
    • Blue a symbol of the beautiful blue skies

    Of course, that’s because we have to:

    The Colorado flag is “public domain,” meaning it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The Colorado state brand, on the other hand, is a registered trademark of the state that cannot be used without express permission from the state.

    What do you think of the new Colorado Brand?

  3. Why Marketing on Social Media is Like Feudalism and What That Means for Resorts →

    I authored a guest post over at Gregg’s about owning your own online marketing (and not giving it all away to social networks like Facebook and Twitter):

    In exchange for using the network and its features you may become indebted to the network to help promote it, could ultimately pay for the right to certain liberties, and will have nearly no say in the governance of what happens to you, your fans, your content, and so on.

    I offer three ideas to start considering as they can lead to greater marketing success online (and less exposure to risk in your efforts):

    1. Own Your Domain
    2. Know Your Intellectual Property Rights
    3. Know Others’ Intellectual Property Rights

    Take a look and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

  4. Infographic: travel trends to Colorado ski areas

    I’m not sure the reasons, but according to this infographic by vacation rentals site, Breckenridge is the top destination for folks looking to rent a place near Colorado ski areas. I know we spend most of our season up in Breck, so, it makes sense. Also worth noting, if you’re a local, going up…

  5. Threadless + Nightmare Snowboard Design Challenge

    Our pals over at Threadless (out of Chicago but strong ties to Boulder) have teamed up with Nightmare Development (in Summit County) to host a design competition for a new snowboard and corresponding t-shirt.

    Just as Threadless was founded by t-shirt wearin’ dudes who thought they could bring the world better tees, Nightmare Development was founded by guys who had already been riding and breaking boards for years. Their goal was to build the best frickin’ snowboards, manufacture them in the USA, and invite everyone and anyone to join the fun. And now the snowboard co-operative wants to put your art on their next board.

    Learn more and submit your design at

  6. Get free stickers from favorite brands at →

    Now here’s an idea I wish was around when I was a kid: free stickers from a single, one-shop website. Check out Denver-based StyxRyvr (pronounced “Sticks River”) where you can sign up, see a menu of stickers from all kinds of brands, pick 9 you want, then get them in the mail a short time after.

    This is pretty handy because typically you’d need to reach out to the brands directly, buy something from them, or pick up a hodgepodge of stickers from your local shop. Instead you log in and see everything you could want. I spotted some faves including Nordica, Volkl, Liberty, Swix, Flow, and Echelon.

    Technically, the stickers are free but it’ll cost $3.99 to cover shipping and handling for your 9 sticker “stash”. The site isn’t the prettiest thing but it works and gets the job done. Kudos to the gang over at StyxRyvr.


  7. SIA State of the Industry 2010/2011

    The ski industry has put out a video detailing the “state of the industry”:

    The 2010/11 winter season was a record year for the snow sports industry. Why? Find out from this State of the Industry review of SIA’s Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report giving an overview of retail sales, trends, consumer behavior and participation.

    The details may not be interesting to the typical skier but the stats are fascinating. Clocking in at 10 minutes some highlights include: $3.3 billion in retail sales, highest snowfall in 20 years, and over 21 million snow sports participants.

  8. Apres Ski parties in Denver this week

    There are a ton of parties, events, and concerts coming to Denver this week as the snowsports industry descends on Denver, Colorado. The 2010 SIA Snow Show trade expo will be taking over downtown. Even if you’re not attending the show, you should be downtown this week as there will be plenty of fun to…