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Thoughts on the Anarchy McCoy polarized sunglasses

I’ve been trying out a pair of Anarchy McCoy sunglasses for nearly 9 months now and I must say, these are my favorite sunglasses in my collection for general use and especially when skiing or hiking.

I was sent a pair of the red McCoy frames with polarized lenses to try out and review, little did they know I already had a pair of white Status that I’d already been using while skiing for the past season. I really liked the square frame look and the white frames looked great on the slopes and while sitting out on the patios during lunch.

The McCoy, though, are top notch and a big step above the Status for me. First off, the must-have polarized lenses work really well and are non-negotiable when in the sun. The glare and reflection all slip away and would recommend that any sunglasses you buy, make sure they have polarized lenses.

Next, the build quality feels really nice. While these are plastic sunglasses, they feel sturdy and not “cheap” in any way. In fact, the hinges have held their same rigidity for months now after weekly usage. I’ve worn a pair of McCoy while hiking or for an hour or two eating lunch outside and they never start to “pinch” my temples like other sunglasses might. So, the overall fit on my head and at the nose feels great, too.

Finally, these look great. They’re less squared off as they have a flat top all the way around to the earpieces and then slight curves at the bottom. The accent color (red frame on a black front face) is a nice touch of style, too. I’d probably go back and opt for the white, though (personal preference) so I could use them a bit more without feeling like they clash with an outfit or setting.

Overall, these are my favorite day-to-day sunglasses and look forward to bringing them up on the slopes this season. For about $50 these are definitely a worthwhile pair of sturdy, stylish sunglasses I’d recommend to anyone. Learn more at

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