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Women’s Anarchy Sunglasses: angel “Craze” are stylish shades

You’ve probably already seen them around the blog and our Instagram feed, but I wanted to take a second to publicly profess how much I adore my Anarchy sunglasses (the women’s line is called “angel“). It’s always sunglass season in Colorado; the glare off the snow in the winter can be equally (if not more) punishing than it can be in the summer, so I am so glad I found a pair that I love.

Women's Anarchy Sunglasses

I first came across these beauties at SIA. We stopped by the Anarchy booth to say hi since they are some of Devin’s favorites and always have nice products to peruse. While checking out their goggles, I discovered that they also have women’s sunglasses. Anarchy was awesome enough to pick out a pair of “Craze” for me to try, and I am so incredibly glad they did.

Rachel in angel Craze (and double Flylows!)I’ve always been hesitant to invest in sunglasses (beyond the realm of Target prices) because they seemed so easy to lose or break. While admittedly my fear of losing my sunglasses has somewhat intensified because I love these so much, they’re at a price point that’s reasonable enough that it would not be devastating to have to replace them.

Interestingly, my worries about breaking them seem to have decreased. Maybe it’s just because I’m only used to lower-end frames, but I find these to be a surprisingly sturdy set of glasses for everyday use. I do try to be careful to not let them get scratched up in my bag, but overall they’re an undemanding accessory. Also, they are comfortable and (in my totally unbiased opinion) super cute.

Since February, these have been my go-to favorites for sun coverage: on the mountain, during my (seemingly endless) work commutes, and now through these terribly rough days spent sitting on our patio enjoying the spring weather… Go check them out if you’re in need of a new set of sunglasses!

Thank you, Anarchy!


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