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Photos printed directly on canvas: Easy Canvas Prints

Many moons ago, the fine folks at Easy Canvas Prints offered us the opportunity to create our own canvas print of one of our photographs. Devin never mentioned that this opportunity arose and instead came home from work one day with a surprise package. Perhaps he kept this secret because he knows how opinionated I can be about photos, particularly photos of myself.

“My hair looks weird.” “Do you think my skin looks too shiny?” And of course the ubiquitous “That’s not the most flattering angle.” Unfortunately those are all things I am guilty of uttering at one point or another while I debate whether or not to un-tag a photo.

I find days on the mountain to be especially wonderful because all of those worries disappear. I don’t wear makeup, my skin radiates with a mixture of sunscreen and sweat, and I inevitably have helmet hair. (People who insist ski clothes can be figure-flattering are trying to sell something.) And I don’t mind any of this one bit because a day spent riding is a day to be enjoyed.

So perhaps Devin didn’t mention the canvas because he didn’t want any of my off-mountain commentary to carry over into our happy on-mountain moments.

I feel supremely fortunate to have married a man who skipped over all of our action shots, snowy landscape photos, and photos together on the chairlift in favor of a 16×20″ blown-up shot of me goofing around in the snow. Is it the photo I would have chosen? Absolutely not. But was it the perfect choice anyway? I have no doubt.

Here’s the original photo selected for the canvas print.

If you are interested in a high-quality canvas to commemorate one of your favorite moments, on the mountain or off, check out They provide a unique take on the “hung photo” look in the house for a reasonable price. Our 16×20″ photo runs for about $80 and, compared to the price of printing and framing a photo, is a pretty good deal for “art” for around the house.

You can see in the gallery , the colors looks great, the resolution is indistinguishable to the naked eye from a few inches away, and you can get the canvas to wrap all the way around the frame (at a 3/4″ or 1.5″ depth).

In fact, we liked our initial photo so much that we ended up getting a second canvas of one of our wedding photos — we’d recommend them to anyone.

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