The Free Ski Bus: an idea coming soon?

We here at Colorado Snow are a big fan of ski buses (I tried to start a ski bus company myself) and the folks over at Front Range Ski Bus look to be doing a great job, but here’s an interesting proposition: a bus to the mountains completely free to the riders.

A feasibility study is being requested (would be paid for by the state) to help start the conversation around a non-profit bus operator that would shuttle people to and from resorts for free. A lot of good arguments are made for the bus: low operating costs, reduce traffic, travel in comfort, reduce emissions, sponsorship could pay for it all, guaranteed revenue for resorts, costs far less than the alternatives, etc.

Even though the bus will be subsidized with private money, it needs a boost to get started. The feasibility study will show the exact amount of the first year’s cost. My preliminary (and admittedly rough) research shows at least half of that cost will be covered by private money. If advertisers and sponsors know Colorado is backing it up, they’ll know there’s a real chance the operation will work and as such be more willing to commit. The maximum start-up cost for the state will be set at $4 million, but it most-likely will be less.

Check out the site and read through the various details. Its a compelling idea and if you’re interested, you can help by contacting various state and transportation leaders. I’ve reached out to Ace but have not heard back yet.

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