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Breckenridge (2012-12-20)

The weather and snow turned out to be pretty nice yesterday afternoon. The skies were blue, the sun was out, and after it warmed up (it was -14 degrees in the morning) we started another half-day at Breckenridge around 1:30.

Peak 7 was open for the first time so we intended to head over there. While we could see some untouched stashes from the lift, the groomers sounded a bit slick and the steep runs were already down to dirt in spots. So we decided to head over to Peak 8. As we passed the T-Bar we could see it spinning with patrollers heading up (it opens today).

We did another run down Peak 8 and everything was nice and soft. Though, the troughs on mogul runs are down to rocks in many spots, so I tried my best to stay on top of the moguls (bumpy!).

We also headed over to Peak 9 to see how things were over there. Overall we found the same: decent runs, soft snow, subtle bumps on some. If only the Falcon SuperChair (Peak 10) were open we could’ve earned the 7-10 Split pin on EpicMix.

Unfortunately, we had to call the day a little short as the Peak 8 SuperConnect was closed (some sort of malfunction) and since they were doing work, the Beaver Run SuperChair (which crosses under it) had to be closed too. We were essentially stuck on Peak 9. We figured we’d pass on the Quicksilver runs (all greens) and just end the day with happy hour at Maggie’s ($3.50 Rolling Rock).

Again, not a bad 90 minute workout for a Thursday…

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