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SIA 2013: Icelantic goes three-dimensional and skinny

On Saturday at SIA 2013, we had a few extra minutes to see our local pals over at Icelantic and see what was in the pipeline.

Travis Parr

I’m glad we did because artist, Travis Parr, has decided to work in a three dimensional aspect to next season’s designs. And they look great. They’re risky, but full of character.

After creating two-dimensional paitings for Icelantic the last 7 years I choose to shift directions. The shift was to take my ideas and concepts and create three-dimensional forms—sculpture, using wood, rock, glass, plastic, shells, feathers, plants, fish, moss and hair.

Icelantic "KEEPER"
Icelantic “KEEPER”

And sure enough, each board design had its corresponding inspiration alongside to show the materials. Including a real, live beta fish in a glass.

Icelantic's GYPSY
Icelantic’s GYPSY


In addition to the new designs, the skinny “SKNY” series appears on the scene.

Icelantic understands that not everyday is a powder day, and has designed a set of tools to help you have as much fun on the days without powder, as those with.

Makes perfect sense to me. The Shaman, Nomad, Pilgrim, and Scout will come in “SKNY” variations. Worth noting, much of this is in reaction to feedback from east coasters.

Overall I think these guys and gals had a great appearance and I’m looking forward to see how the new designs and SKNY line are accepted next season.

Denver, Colorado, United States

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