Steamboat (2013-03-17)

We concluded our mini-trip to Steamboat with a late-morning start. Snow starting coming down early in the morning but it was off and on. Clouds would pass to show the sun, then big winds and big flakes would show up. It was interesting weather.

We spent some time checking out the lifts and runs we hadn’t tried on the front: Christie Peak Express and Thunderhead Express were OK but they had more crowds than we were wanting. We headed up towards Four Points and found a lot of wind. From there we decided to go cruise some runs over at Sunshine Peak.

After grabbing a St. Patrick’s Day Lunch we found the Sunshine Express was closed. This was frustrating as the only soft spots on the mountain we could find were over at Sunshine (it’s tucked away enough that not all the new snow had blown off). After heading back over towards Sundown we were greeted with a big line and decided to head back to Elkhead.

It turns out that Storm Peak and Sunshine were both closed due to the winds and conditions at the top. So that meant the majority of the crowds were pushed down the mountain a bit. After another lap up Four Points (so much wind!) we decided to call it a day.

While we found some nice powder and some interesting weather, the crowds and closures were not an ideal end to the trip. Oh well!

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