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Beaver Creek (2013-04-14)

This Sunday was closing day at Beaver Creek, the last day of the season.

We weren’t too excited for skiing the night before. On Saturday evening, around 8 PM it started raining… a lot. Rain and snow rarely mix so our expectations were pretty low for what the final day of skiing would bring.

We were pleasantly surprised by 15 inches of fresh snow all over Beaver Creek!

We took our time getting out and ended up at the Village around 10 AM. Plenty of early-risers made fresh tracks all over, but we still found tons of fresh powder all over the mountain. We essentially had the place to ourselves (never had to wait in a line) and did 8 solid, powdery runs in just under 90 minutes.

We were tired by noon and concluded: closing day at Beaver Creek was probably the best snow, skiing, and overall day we had all season.

Thanks for everything, Beaver Creek!

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