Keystone Photography

Keystone (2014-03-01)

We left Denver at 6:15 in the morning and this was our worst drive in recent memory. The snow was falling and it had snowed a lot overnight in the mountains. It was also warm enough to be very wet and slick. We avoided the many accidents coming down from the tunnel but saw dozens in Silverthorne.

We arrived around 10 AM and it was still snowing big wet flakes. We aimed for the Wayback and set off. The Windows were fluffy and fun to ski through. The Outback runs had many inches of fresh powder. The Wayback had tons of powder in the trees. I found plenty of long untouched lines even after 11 AM.

Since we were nervous about traffic back to Denver, we put in a couple more good runs and started to head back around noon. The highway was closed at Silverthorne most of the morning but by the time we were down they were letting some of the first cars back up towards the tunnel.

It was a great day of skiing despite a terrible morning of traffic. All in all, I’m glad we made it up for the day.

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