Breckenridge Ski Log Snow Terrain

Skied at Breck on March 5, 2016

It had been quite a while since we went skiing. Nearly two full months, actually. And I feel like we completely missed out on the winter season here in Colorado.

Skis on the lift at Breck

We visited Breck on Saturday and it was a beautiful, warm, sunny, spring day? The first weekend in March? Not good.

Peak 6 lift (Kensho) at Breck

Maybe I was just in a sour mood, but: the gondola was down when we arrived in the morning, the lines were long on Peak 6, and there hadn’t been new snow for at least two weeks. But, I had a lot of fun high up in the bowls and saw people still hiking up Peak 6 to get some new tracks in.

Peak 6 at Breck

Luckily it snowed on Monday and there may be more in the forecast soon. But spring break is coming soon and we may already be looking at the beginning of the end of a so-so March here in Colorado.

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