Rachel’s new ski boots: Rossignol Women’s Alltrack Pro 80

The process of switching from snowboarding to skiing has been many seasons in the making. I was hesitant to invest in all new gear upfront and opted instead to borrow my mom’s old gear for a bit several years to make sure skiing was going to stick.

The result: I LOVE skiing. I think it’s so much more fun than snowboarding (more on that later), and even more impressively, I came to that conclusion even while using boots that were too big and skis that were too short.

This season I finally bought new boots, and we’re targeting next year for a ski upgrade. (For now, I’m on Devin’s high school skis.)

My main requirements for new boots were that they:

  1. fit well
  2. were affordable
  3. did not have pink.

I went to REI in Denver and had a fantastic experience. Their team was incredibly helpful and did a great job finding a pair that fit well. (Did you know that different boots can have the exact same measurements but very different feels? That was news to me.) The service was excellent and as an added bonus, the best fitting pair were actually last year’s model and we available at a significantly reduced price!


After most of the season under trying them out, I give a vote of full confidence to Rossignol Women’s Alltrack Pro 80 boots. The fit is snug but not tight, my toes stay reasonably warm, and the flex is good.

After fracturing my foot last summer, I’m also using custom-fitted insoles to help provide some extra cushion. I can still get twinges in my foot during day-to-day activities depending on how I shift my weight, but that has largely not been a problem while skiing. I was worried that this season would be hampered by injury and am grateful this isn’t the case. Thank goodness for good boots and extra support!

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