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Skied at Winter Park on January 22, 2017

This one was one of the most picturesque and best powder days I’ve ever seen on a weekend

Sunday morning we woke up to a few inches of fresh powder and headed over to Winter Park as quickly as we could. We jumped onto the Zephyr lift as soon as it started and rode up to the top to see how the Vasquez Ridge compared to the day before. It was amazing!

Skiing in the trees at Winter Park
Skiing in the trees at Winter Park

We played in some of the trees off the Looking Glass lift and the Olympia Express. I had never been on some of these runs including Tweedle Dum (a new favorite).

Snow frosted trees at Winter Park
Snow frosted trees at Winter Park

We also found some of the most beautiful snow-covered trees off the High Lonesome Express lift. The soft greens beneath the lift meant fun, meandering tree runs in a frosty winterland.

Overall we fit in 9 runs covering about 10,000 vertical feet for the day.

Slopes map January 22, 2017

Tracked with Slopes on January 22, 2017: getslopes.com

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