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Skied at Winter Park on January 21, 2017

We had another great weekend of warm skiing, moderate crowds, and soft snow up at Winter Park

Rachel samples the free Noosa yogurt on the lift
Weekend mornings at the Winter Park base sometimes start with a sampling of free Noosa yogurt below the Zephyr lift. This morning was no different and we tried one of our new favorite flavors: pumpkin!

This Saturday we especially needed to get out into the wilderness as this was the first day after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. We started late in the morning and headed straight towards the Vasquez Ridge and tried to hide from the rest of the world. We found plenty of soft snow and little stashes of powder in the trees here and there. For some reason (no matter to me) we didn’t find many long lift lines. Perhaps everyone was at home working on their doomsday prep kits?

Kidding aside, the weather was fine and conditions were nice for a sunny January day. There was some cloud cover but plenty of warm bright sun throughout into the lunch hours. We had a great leisurely day managing a quick 5 runs.

Tracked with Slopes on January 22, 2017:

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