Ski Log Snow Winter Park

Skied at Winter Park on February 18, 2017

We explored Winter Park with some friends and had a spring-like day, but with February crowds

Top of Vasquez Ridge at Winter Park

It was a sunny day at Winter Park and it seems like everyone from Denver decided to join us. The morning crowds at the base were huge so we quickly headed up Zephyr and never stopped moving…

Everywhere we figured we might get away from a line we couldn’t. It wasn’t a problem, it just meant we had a slower day than expected.

On top of that, we were somewhere around week 3 of barely-freezing temperatures at night with warm days into the 40s and 50s. All the snow that fell in January had long been melted and replaced with mixed conditions.

We ran all over the mountain and ended up completing 11 runs at Winter Park covering about 10,000 vertical feet.

Slopes map at Winter Park 2017-02-18

Tracked with Slopes on February 18, 2017:

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