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Skied at Winter Park on January 2, 2018

The second day of the year was the first day of the ski season for us. After a couple weeks with new snow, it was feeling pretty rough.

It’s been a mediocre season in Colorado. The further you go west the less snow you’ll find. Some mountains like Winter Park have been a bit more lucky and are hovering between 80-90% of average annual snowpack. But still, there is plenty of exposed obstacles and un-opened runs.

I had about two hours available to get some runs in so I wanted to spend the time surveying as much of Winter Park and Mary Jane as quickly as I could.

I made my way up Zephyr which still had snowmaking happening on the front and was not open to the public yet (would be used for racing on the coming weekend, though).

Snow making under Zephyr lift at Winter Park on January 2, 2018

From there I took the new path across the mountain directly to Mary Jane. Let me tell you this is an amazingly convenient new feature and there are a few neat-looking steep runs off the path (closed due to lack of snow, but still).

Snowy sunrise looking towards Mary Jane at Winter Park

Mary Jane had plenty of its world famous moguls. But plenty of rocks and grass in-between and little trees poking out on top.

Moguls and trees spotted at Mary Jane

I headed all the way to the top of the Parsenn bowl and found lots of little pockets of fresh snow hidden between trails and in the trees.

Looking back down at Mary Jane from the lift

With another storm there will be plenty of fun runs to be had up here…

Overall I managed 6 runs and almost 7,000 vertical feet at Winter Park.

Tracked with Slopes on January 2, 2018:

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