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The wine-lover’s guide to Breck

There’s not much to “whine” about in Breckenridge right now. We have tons of snow on the ground and plenty of days left in the season. That said, sometimes it’s nice to relax in the afternoon with a nice glass of wine. Here are some great spots in Breck you’ll be able to find great […]

Breckenridge Events

What you need to know about Ullr Fest in Breck

Ullr, pronounced “Eww – lurr,” according to Norse mythology, is the son of Sif and a stepson of Thor. He’s known to be an expert archer, hunter, skater and skier. Many call him the “Norse God of Snow” and you’ll often hear locals praying to him when we need more fresh powder (or thanking him […]


How the Ice Castles are being made in Breck

After taking a tour of the in-progress Ice Castles in Breckenridge I took some time to write up a bit more detail around how they are being built now, and through the entire season. You can find the guest post about how the Ice Castles are being made in Breck at the Breck Connection blog.

Breckenridge Food & Drink

Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter (in Breckenridge)

After a long snowy afternoon at Breckenridge it only seems appropriate to relax with a delicious Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge Brewery.

Breckenridge New This Season Terrain

How exciting: Breckenridge will open [Peak 6](http…

How exciting: Breckenridge will open Peak 6 for the very first time at noon on Christmas Day!

Breckenridge Photography Ski Log Terrain

Breckenridge (2013-12-20)

The snow started falling in Breckenridge by mid-morning. We decided to let it fall and allow the crowds to thin out before we headed to the hill. We ended up starting around 12:15 PM and had plenty of fresh powder on all the groomed runs and plenty of untouched stuff in the trees and harder […]

Breckenridge Photography

Breckenridge in a cloud

Breckenridge is sitting in a cloud right now with blue skies and flakes slowly falling. There was at least an inch or so at most mountains across the state overnight and a little more is expected through the evening.

Breckenridge Keystone Photography

Keystone and Breckenridge (2013-12-18)

Yesterday we set out to ski two mountains in one day. We started the morning going over Swan Lake Road from Breckenridge to Keystone. When we arrived a little after 10 we were able to park in the third row of the free lot at River Run and walk right up to the lift at […]