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Snowtography contest at New West

If you’re an awesome photographer or have found yourself capturing some excellent photographs this winter season you need to do two things:

  1. Join Flickr: Put your pictures on my favorite photo community site and join the Colorado Snow group. Once you join the group and ‘send’ your pictures to the pool your pictures will show up on our sidebar and other interested Flicker-ers can check out your shots.
  2. Enter the Snowtography Contest: The folks over at New West have setup a contest 1st place will receive a snowboard from Edge of the World, 2nd place a camera from The Dark Room, and 3rd place another prize to be announced. You can enter via email or, that’s right, submitting via Flickr.

Good luck if you submit–you’ll need it. Check a few shots I plan to enter:

Icicles II Vail scenery Vail scenery: snow cats in a row

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