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2010 SIA Snow Fashion Show recap

The SIA Snow Show has kicked off, as it always does, with a fashion show. Some of the biggest brands in apparel and accessories took the stage at the Wells Fargo Theater in the Convention Center to show off their upcoming 2010-2011 gear, apparel, and accessories.

From 2010 SIA Snow Fashion Show

A lot of the featured brands are local Colorado companies including: Spyder, Optic Nerve, SmartWool, Icelandic, and Obermeyer.

From 2010 SIA Snow Fashion Show

One thing we did notice was the increased fashion in earphones which, when they match an outfit, look pretty good.

From 2010 SIA Snow Fashion Show

The show concluded with an impressive series from Under Armor, the Stars and Stripes line which will be outfitting the US Olympic teams this year.

From 2010 SIA Snow Fashion Show

Overall, the evening was a fascinating look into the future of snow fashion (and the DJ was top notch). As to be expected, you will see a lot of bright colors, subtle patterns, and big hoods. Though, one detail that has escaped me thus far: suspenders for men. Watch for those…

Here’s a quick video with some of the lineup at the end of the evening:


Stay tuned for more SIA Snow Show coverage.

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