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Snowmeo: photos from ski and snowboard mountains

So many photos are taken everyday while skiing and snowboarding but there’s no good place to see any of them. Sure, the resorts themselves will re-post photos and put up some of their professional shots, and our friends may happen to post some photos the day of (or many days later). But what I’m interested in is what the mountain really looks like and what people are doing on the hill in aggregate.

I thought about creating a way for people to submit photos to a gallery (like a Flickr group) and promote the shots, but the problem remains: those are self-selected photos people would have to know to submit.

Luckily, Snowmeo has created an automated aggregator that pulls in photos, by mountain, from public sources like Instagram. Check out the photos recently posted at Loveland:

Snowmeo at Loveland

I’m a fan of Snowmeo and have started finding some great folks to follow on Instagram this way. Check it out at

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