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BEARTek Bluetooth Control Gloves

The BEARTek bluetooth gloves, which can control your phone or MP3 player just by touching your fingers together, are the best technology to come to snow sports in a while.

We met with the founders, Tarik and Willie, at SIA and really enjoyed chatting with them about the product and demonstrate them. They’re a fairly simple concept: a Bluetooth control device that pairs with your phone or player, and sends the play/pause, answer/hangup, fast forward/backwards signals over the air to your device. It doesn’t drain your battery or your wallet and means you get to keep your gloves on.

This is a great story of a smart technology company that can solve real “problems” (taking off gloves to answer calls, changing your music without taking your phone out of your pocket, etc.). I’m looking forward to seeing these gloves gain traction soon…

Denver, Colorado, United States

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