Copper Mountain Ski Log Snow

Skied at Copper Mountain on January 5, 2017

Lucky for us all the new year continued to bring new snow everywhere, including Copper Mountain.

Waiting at Eisenhower Tunnel

We drove up Thursday morning from Denver and with a few overnight inches, the entire drive up I-70 was slow and steady. It turned out that both Berthoud Pass and Loveland pass were closed so everyone had the pleasure of sticking to the interstate whether they wanted to or not. This also meant we got to sit and wait for the hourly tunnel closure (so hazardous trucks usually not allowed through can safely pass).

We parked at Copper’s Beeler lot for an extra $20 (it was a vacation day for us, our treat to ourselves) and walked a few hundred yards right to the American Flyer and American Eagle lifts at the Central Village.

The weather was great. Plenty of snow still falling, with about 7 inches in the past 24 hours. Temperatures were fine and the wind didn’t bother us much on the slopes.

We decided to spend the day skiing off the Timberline Express. Rachel found her powder legs with some practice (including building up speed).

I wandered into some trees off the sides of the blues and had knee-deep powder and fresh tracks everywhere I went. I felt like I had the forest all to myself.

I feel like I’ve been spoiled this entire season. If it keeps this up, this could easily be the best of my life…

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