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Skied at Winter Park on January 10, 2018

The big snow storm before the weekend started on Wednesday afternoon and didn’t stop until later on Thursday.

We waited to go out until after lunch on Wednesday. I figured with snow in the forecast, we might as well ski in it, not before it! Our patience paid off and right around lunch the big fat flakes started to fly in Winter Park.

Snow seen from the Zephyr chairlift at Winter Park

Within a couple of hours there was at least 2 or 3 new inches. I spent most of my time looking for leftover powder stashes while enjoying the soft layer of snow on top.

A couple inches of snow under the chairlift at Winter Park

The conditions were fine but not great. So, we left the hill right around 3 PM when, of course, the biggest and most sustained snow flew. The wind was hard and snow was wet so we ended the day at Idlewild Spirits Distillery and warmed up with a moscow mule by the fire…

Tasty beverage by the fire at Idlewild Distillery in Winter Park

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