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Skied at Winter Park on December 15, 2018

Day two and plenty of blue (skies)!

This morning I decided to make my way over to the Vasquez Ridge Territory and see how much snow it’s received.

I headed up Gemini Express again and worked my way back using Prospector Express and then skiing past Olympia to get to the territory. That’s a nice long lap and with the flats at the end I was pushing hard and gave my arms a bit of a work out.

Once I arrived I had the whole area to myself. I played around on some of the fast blues and tried out some moguls (just to see how out of shape I was). After a few runs in a row I was plenty tired and ready to relax.

I headed back out and up the High Lonesome Express and decided to see how Mary Jane looked. Since the gondola is still not ready (“mid December” said Winter Park) I realized a lot of folks were starting at Mary Jane in the mornings. Things looked good and I took the long road down from the bottom all the way back to Winter Park (it was a nice rest, I got tired).

Overall the snow is looking good for December and I’m starting to get back into the habit.

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