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Skied at Winter Park on December 22, 2018

One quick day before the holidays but the best powder so far!

Since I’m only averaging 5-10 runs each time I get out, I’m trying to find ways to get creative and make sure I’m spending my time wisely. Luckily the day before Winter Park got a bunch of snow so I headed over to Mary Jane to find some powder.

It was really cold, though. Single digits all morning while the sun came up and a bit of a breeze with light snow. After my lift selfie I never took my hands out of my gloves again (in fact I started researching getting new mittens because of this day).

At the top of Panoramic Express I decided to head back down to the skier’s left (right if looking up the lift) and just kept cutting across as far as I could. After making it past the wind fences I found about 200 yards of powder before dropping back into the trees. I love heading over here because it seems not very many people do. Oh well, more refills for me!

I don’t know if I’m getting old but after a few awesome powder runs and getting cold I had to pack it in. I had a great time, though!

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