Photography Ski Log Winter Park

Skied at Winter Park on January 21, 2019

After a big storm, I had lots of fun exploring the Eagle Wind territory.

Early morning bumps at Winter Park

I started the day a little after 9:30 AM (on a Monday) so I had the whole place to myself. It had been a very crowded weekend with, from what I heard, anywhere from 15,000-17,000 people on Saturday and Sunday.

My first ride up the new gondola was speedy and pleasant, it’s such a solid improvement to the base of Winter Park. From the gondola, I wandered down towards Mary Jane from the top and took my nice starter bump run towards Super Gauge.

At the top of Super Gauge on Mary Jane, while facing the lodge I saw the Panoramic lift wasn’t running so I decided to head right. I kept moving left more and more and saw a group heading along a trail. Suddenly I saw a sign pointing to Eagle Wind and I realized I had never been before!

Heading towards boundary at Eagle Wind

I dropped down in through some trees and had a blast. The runs had all been touched but the snow was soft! There was plenty of exposed rocks and trees scattered throughout so at the end of the run I headed back up to go a different direction. More of the same: plenty of fun and steep turns, but plenty of junk waiting to chew up my skis.

I’ll need to come back after a storm or later in the season but from my first experience, Eagle Wind is definitely a steep and bumpy playground worth revisiting.

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