Keystone Ski Log Snow Terrain

Keystone (2012-01-07)

We took a bit of a break and hadn’t been up for nearly a month due to work, holidays, sickness and.. well, the fact there has been absolutely no new snow along the I-70 corridor (Vail, Beaver Creek, Summit County). We decided to make a weekend out of it and headed up to Keystone on […]

Beaver Creek Photography Ski Log

Beaver Creek (2011-12-10)

Saturday was a great day to be on the mountain: perfect temperatures, not too crowded, and some decent “early season” conditions. Rachel and I headed up to Beaver Creek early in the morning and hopped on one of the first chairs at Centennial (#6). When we got to the top we grabbed a quick EpicMix […]

Keystone Photography Ski Log

Keystone (2011-11-20)

It was a fun day up in Summit County. It’s early season so there’s no traffic, Dillon seems still quieter than usual and the lifties won’t let you on until 9 AM. We used our first day as a dry run to work out all the kinks: adding the ski rack on the roof, making […]

Breckenridge Ski Log

Breckenridge (2010-11-27)

I have a certain fondness for Breckenridge. When first leaning how to ski, it was at Breckenridge where everything finally “clicked” for me. One thing I don’t remember as a kid, though, was big crowds at Peak 8. In short: no new snow, no real good man made snow, so we took it easy.

Keystone Ski Log

Keystone (2010-11-26)

My first day of the season was over this past Thanksgiving weekend. I was scared there may be crowds but I was pleasantly surprised. We had a great time at Keystone.

Keystone Ski Log Snow Travel

Keystone (2010-01-24)

It was so cold and so windy I didn’t take a single picture or enjoy much of the day. Although Summit had received a few inches by Sunday, it had all been blown off the slopes by Sunday morning. Everything was hard-packed, icy and wind-blown. I wish we had gone to Vail. Anyway, we did […]

Keystone Photography Ski Log Snow Terrain

Keystone (2010-01-16)

It’s fairly easy to sum up the conditions in Summit County lately: Spring weather with Fall snow and February crowds. In other words, it’s unseasonably warm, beautiful blue skies, temperatures upwards of 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit, a base of 20-30 inches, and too many people headed to the hills on the weekend. From Skiing at Keystone […]

Arapahoe Basin Ski Log Snow

Arapahoe Basin (2010-01-09)

The lack of snow in the majority of Colorado hills is quite unfortunate. Having visited A-Basin this past weekend, it became even more obvious how little we really have. Not only is Montezuma bowl closed, but the east wall is pure rock, and the west wall had just barely opened. If you were looking for […]